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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 14, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ good morning 4:30e in the morning. we start you off with a live look across the area. we will be flirting with 100 degree temperatures. we have a team in place to help you plan your day. christie smith is at ocean beach today. let's start with meteorologist christina loren. >> it is going to be a hot day. you know we have days like this in the summertime. we are definitely familiar with
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this kind of territory. but i can tell you it is coming on strong. we haven't made it to summertime. temperatures are starting out mild. i want to show you the hottest cities of 2014 so far that is going to be gilroy today. dublin today checking in with 102 degrees. the century mark expected today. here is the deal today. high pressure is strong packing a lot of energy. if we get into tomorrow we are going to see a weak and just a touch and cooling at the coast. we'll tell you when the heat will break and what is to come at the coast. 10 to 15 degree drop off. stick around pack to you we'll check on your drive. make sure that ac is going.
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i should have slept in my car here. >> smooth drive right now. bay bridge across the span. look at your maps. i wanted to start with the south bay. we had a closure already this morning. southbound 101 has reopened. that is a good flow of traffic throughout. we don't have a lot of construction. we have games in the oakland side. but we don't see problems right now. easy drive across that bridge. and then westbound 580 that is your commute. no slowing we have construction 680 back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now. crews working to repair a tell phone poll and working to reopen
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a main road. crews were able to put it out last night. if you need to get through official officials. >> evacuation orders no longer required as crews have sktoppeda fast moving fire yesterday morning and quickly spread unseasonably warm temperatures and the southern california wind pushed flames with neighborhoods with expensive homes. and in some cases flames crept within yards of homes before firefighters put water on it. all have been allowed home so
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far. now the fire burned about 800 acres. about 5% contained and warmer weather is on the way. it has burned about 700 acres. the secretary of state is in nigeria this morning as they work to find girls that were kidnapped. the u.s. and britain has teams on the ground help out. the incident has caught the attention of movie stars and to pomticipo politicians here at home. s they are teaming up with the u.s. fund to help the programs. in the meantime, members of the students association at uc berkeley will hold a rally to
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show their support for the girls. organizers say they will wear black and green to show their support of the girls. >> at a packed city council meeting aftmeet ing last night city leaders considering new rules to allow pot clubs to stay away from sooetss. >> that is dangerous. >> one day your children come home and say mommy, i smell weed. what happened honey?
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the teacher didn't do anything. this are more than 100 in the city of san jose. city leaders are responding to a pest problem. they say squirrels had over run the park. san jose had able rodent control to knock the rodent out before killing them with carbon dioxide. and it is approved for the so side of ethiologists. >> during the gassing they felt dirt flying behind them and she was down on all fours and she was trying to cover the holes. >> in these types of scarce budgets they don't have money
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for people or sidewalks but have money to kill the squirrels. >> at 4:37 this morning. we are learning why mysterious came cameras were not part of a plan to spy on residents go through the city streets. the city plans to approve findings. some residents were bothered the city didn't tell them about the plan. >> san francisco landmark reopens today. later on the public can enjoy
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free elevator rides to the top. look k live good morning to you flt this is a live look at san jose. we are talking record setting heat for this wednesday morning. 64 degrees today. you can see how mild it is to start. this is what you can expect. before i show you your high temperatures today. a lot of people across the bay area do not have air conditioners for their home. daytime highs up to 100 degrees.
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by thursday cooler at the coast. still on the hot side and we will drop off by a few degrees. and we are talking about a return of the 70s and the 80s. so clos in the triple digits. the peninsula at 94 and 98 in the east bay. temperatures today isolated in the valleys. morgan hill 102. if you can get out there the place to be is the beach. we have a risk of rip currents. we want to see how the beach is looking this morning. christie, how are you doing out there? mild to start. no jacket for you this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i think the last time i was out here i had a coat zipped up to
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here. here it is after 4:30 short sleeves and it feels really good out here. they caught a whale off the coast yesterday. near 100 degree temperatures across the area. brought out families early in the day in places like san jose to try and beat the scorching afternoon sun. in places like gill roy, the
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senior center where the ac will be cranking. we have a list of bay area cooling centers. back here live i think you mentioned this early. there are dangerous rip currents here. we are going to show you that full moon. it is going to be hot. right now back to you. >> lots of fluids too. >> still ahead. the desperate rescue effort to save the lives of hundreds of miners trapped underground. as fierce winds send a bouncy house flying into the air. all this with kids inside. what police are saying about possible criminal charges coming up.
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787 people were underground getting ready for a shift change when an explosion tore through
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the mine. explosion still burn ping through the cabin and at least 232 others have been killed. officials say most of those deaths have been caused by poisoning. coming up, we'll have an update on the search? >>. >> all the required information is there. the for mat that we're used to
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can be problem attic. >> we'll work with the police department it staff. >> so far, the problem hasn't interfered with the emergency response time or the officer safety. >> charges against the next door pending a hit and run investigation. the victim gaclaims he made an unsafe lane change and nearly hit her car. he simply didn't know he had caused the crash. i learned about this lawsuit and i will cooperate fully with authorities. this happened last august it is not related to next door.
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it is a free social media site. >> bad news for sony after the billion dollar loss links to expenses from selling it's pc business. good news if you want to buy google glass, for that and news behind the bell, she is live. good morning. good morning to you, scott, we are watching the futures this morning. pointing to a slightly lower to wall street. we saw the nasdaq touch a three week high. we had a disappointing report on retail sales. that was upset though.
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today we will get earnings from macy's, we saw the dow finishing at 715. meantime that google glass story if you have $1500 and that is burning a hole in your pocket. the company is selling the beta version to any one who wants it. the full version will go on sale later this year. new report shows that passengers are more satisfied with airlines despite having to pay more to fly and more in fees. the report measures satisfaction based on several factors. they include fees boarding and
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baggage. pretty thorough there. alaska airlines ranked first the. guys, back to you. >> thank you. >> if you want to get away from the heat. >> you better escape the bay area. more now on the weather alert. 105 degrees in gilroy, we don't see this of ten, it is extreme weather and it isis going to brk by the end of the week.
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little bit of a greece stabreezo build. very mild overnight. temps in the 60s. it is going to be hot hazy. things will change but not for us inland until we get into this weekend. look at the difference today and tomorrow. 88 degrees today. 73, keep dropping. friday and saturday. just falling by a couple of degrees wednesday and thursday. we'll talk about this heat. we have broken it down pretty well for you. >> we will keep checking for you. this is an amazing story. two young boys recovering after a freak accident.
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a strong wind sent a bounce house flying into the sdi ky inw york. >> a girl and a boy suffered injuries. they fell 15 to 20 feet to the ground. the man who owned the bounce house properly staked it to the ground. >> all i saw was arms and legs going. >> that girl suffered minor injuries. no charges will be filed. >> germs aren't the only thing you worry about with those things this morning. >> the judge overseeing the trial may announce for the evaluation after a key witness for the defense testified that pistorius had an anxiety disorder which may have
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influenced his girlfriend reva steamcamp. no word on when that trial will resume. still ahead. you may spot the best soccer players in the country. we'll tell you what is bringing them into town coming up. >> through town we have a nice 101. bay shore freeway no problems. farther east we have the build starting already. major heat up traffic wise.
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the a's in action this action this afternoon wrapping up the series against the white sox. right now, 30 players including the earthquakes are competing for 23 spots on the team. the work outs are private but later this in the u.s. will be
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hosting it's first exhibition game. back on highway one they fight to the finish in cambria. >> the world's top cyclists dealt with the skocorching temperatures. >> don't use that as your cut through. get over to highway 242. 580 westbound. slight build forming already as
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warm temperatures over there is warming up for your morning commute. the rest of your north bay moving at speed. >> still ahead. mystery solved. the reason behind cameras that popped up in a city. >> where you can go to cool down as temperatures rise throughout the day.
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what was thought to be a tragic accident involving a santa clara man will now be investigated as murder. >> plus we'll continue to follow developing news. hundreds of miners trapped in a mine in turkey.
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good wednesday morning to you. welcome to the hottest day of 2014 so far. little bit cooler for tomorrow. and then that heat will simmer over the weekend. we will take you through the forecast and tell you how hot it will be in moments. >> so have reports to thp about a fire in an east bay roadway coming up. >> let's look outside san francisco from a distance there. clear skies warming temperatures. day game we got it all wednesday may 14th, this is today in the bay. thank you so much for joining us. we have a live look for you in the bay.


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